Welcome to CampingBlogger.net – a Blog that helps parents experience the great outdoors with their kids.

My name is Roy Scribner and I’m an outdoor enthusiast who has been all over the world, in some of the best – and some of the harshest – environments imaginable. Now that I’m a husband and a father, my number one goal in life is to share my love for the outdoors with my kids, in hope that they’ll grow up to respect and appreciate it as I have.

I launched CampingBlogger.net in October of 2008 to share the new things I was learning about experiencing the outdoors with my kids. It was easy when I only had to worry about myself – sleeping in a snow cave in the arctic, or shrugging off hoards of mosquitoes in the coastal mangrove swamps of Panama, but keeping three little kids motivated and entertained in the outdoors is decidedly more challenging.

My kids roasting hotdogs around the campfireCampingBlogger.net is all about the family and I hope you’ll be a part of my “family” by staying touch through one of the RSS or email delivery methods. I also publish a monthly newsletter, which contains stories and articles that are unique to the newsletter. Please feel free to contact me via email (info at campingblogger.net), or on the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn social networks. Just for fun, I also wrote a post about ten interesting things about me, that most people don’t know – see Honestly, is this all there is?