How Not to Store Camping Gear

This is a picture of our closet. It is also a picture of how not to store camping gear!
I am told that the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem 🙂 This is a picture of the closet in our master, and while there is plenty of normal closet stuff in there, some of that stuff is definitely not. I am told (in no uncertain terms!) that this weekend’s to-do list is going to include folding and stowing the family tent, rolling-up sleeping bags and returning our closet to regular closet duties.

11 thoughts on “How Not to Store Camping Gear

  1. Its a shame some people have learn the hard way how not to store camping equipment!! I know I did

    It can be a very expensive mistake to make

  2. You should build a shed to dump your stuff … That’s what I do. I need the closet space for my T-shirt collection. Good thing about a shed is that you only have to look at the stuff when you need to use them.

  3. I agree most people have a closet like this, or have had one. Not many are willing to let people comment on their closet mess. You should ask for organizational tips for that space. You might find you still have room for the tent.

  4. I had a closet like that. I thought it was because the closet was too small so I built a bigger closet. Now I have a bigger mess!

  5. Who has a closet to store stuff in anyway? I prefer tubs – then you don’t have to look at it when it’s not in use. “Out of site – Out of mind”


  6. I don’t see the problem here, Roy.

    You’re saying there’s a problem? Everything looks well-stowed to me. Get rid of that clothing hanging there, of course!

    🙂 Jim

  7. Haha, don’t feel bad I’m sure nearly everyone’s closet looks like that! You might just not realize it because you are the only one that puts up a picture of their messy closet 🙂 Enjoy your weekend *wink*