Innovative Camping Products Debuting in 2009

Energizer will debut a portable AA and AAA solar charger at CES. (

Energizer will debut a portable AA and AAA solar charger at CES. (GoodCleanTech)

Energizer® Solar Charger
If you are still using alkaline batteries in your outdoor gadgets, Energizer has a new product that should help you make the switch to rechargeables. GoodCleanTech offered a sneak peak of this new battery charger that Energizer will debut at CES in January. It can charge AA and AAA size NiMH rechargeable batteries via AC power, or its integrated solar panel. The charger also has an integrated USB port, for charging products with internal batteries.

The BrewFire is a self-contained drip coffee maker

The BrewFire is self-contained

Brunton® BrewFire Dual-Fuel Coffee Maker
Brunton has announced a new drip coffee maker that supports standard propane or butane canisters, for self-contained brewing without a campfire or stove. The BrewFire has a stainless steel carafe and a visible reservoir. Brunton is claiming 10-12 minutes for brewing 8 cups, which is about the same as home systems. The BrewFire will be available in February.

The Quad Lantern has 4 detachable LED panels

The Quad Lantern has 4 detachable LED panels

Coleman® LED Quad Lantern
Coleman is introducing its innovative LED Quad Lantern in January. The lantern features self-contained LED sections that can be detached from the main unit for times when a more portable light source is needed. The main unit is powered by eight D-cell batteries, which Coleman claims will power the LED Quad Lantern for up to 75 hours. Each of the four LED panels has its own NiMH battery that is recharged when the panel is docked on the main unit.

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12 thoughts on “Innovative Camping Products Debuting in 2009

  1. Rob – I’m hoping to test one out in January. Today would have been perfect – we were fogged in all day.

    Randy – it’s supposed to retail for $49.99. Probably won’t be much of a discount for the first couple of months, but we’ll see.

  2. That solor battery recharger is just what I need. Great for using GPS iin the back country. I wonder what it costs? I could also use a similar device for my camera. Thanks for the tip.

    Randy L’s last blog post..Christmas Week

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  4. Of course…you still need to see the sun…and here in Oregon…well…

    Hey, Merry Christmas. We’ve got a white one here in Portland this year. Who would have thought 14 days of snow on the ground? Wow…

    VE’s last blog post..Twas the Night before Posting

  5. I like the old school mnatle lanterns myself, that hum they give off is kind of soothing. I’d use the charger for camera batteries if it did charge in a relatively short time.
    As far as the coffee maker goes, nothing beats a coffee pot over a fire. Old school baby, old school, must be that grunt mentality ey Roy? LOL

  6. I like the idea of a solar charger, but I’d like some solid data on how long it takes to charge some AA’s. My wall charger takes about 6 or 7 hours, so if it can do that I’ll be happy.

    Jim – yeah, we got an LED lantern this year. It’s nice and bright, but the light is kind of a harsh white color. We don’t use it much.

  7. The solar charger would be a great thing to have on a trip. Every time I look at LED lanterns I just can’t buy one. I like the nostalgic feeling of the old propane mantle style lanterns. Heck up till a few years ago I only had a white gas wick style lantern. Call me old school I guess…

  8. that battery charger is a LONG overdue item that when it is released will be a staple item in my camping gear! Thanks for that info Roy.