Keeping Warm around the Campfire with a Tech Blanket

Northern California Beach Camping in November

Northern California Beach Camping in November

The days are getting colder, but that only means you need to scoot closer to the fire and wrap yourself up in a Therm-a-Rest® Tech Blanket™. These lightweight blankets are both durable and comfortable, making them great for snuggling outdoors or as a second blanket for those winter nights.

The large Tech Blanket is 80x50 inches

The large size is 80x58 inches

We like the large size, which is a full 80-inches long and 58-inches wide. The regular size is 48-inches wide, but we didn’t feel that was big enough to accommodate two kids (let alone mom and dad!).

The nylon exterior is pretty tough – ours is going on its third year with no rips or punctures. The synthetic fill makes the Tech Blanket feel soft like a quilt, but the whole thing weighs less than two pounds and compresses nicely into its stuff sack.

Don’t get me wrong – the Tech Blanket isn’t going to do the trick when the temperatures drop into the mid-40’s, but for general purpose use around the campsite it’s really nice. And, best of all, when you get home you can throw it in the washer to get the smoke smell out! We decided to put another one of these on our Christmas list this year, since the kids pretty much own the one we have now.

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6 thoughts on “Keeping Warm around the Campfire with a Tech Blanket

  1. Howdy Roy,
    Looks nice, just don’t get too close to the campfire, you’ll be a camper pato-tot!

  2. I still have my ORIGINAL poncho liner (woobie) from Nam!!! It’s been patched up a few times from someone throwing hot metal at me at night for some strange reason but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But when you get above 6ooo’, something a tad more thicker would be better.

  3. A woobie! I’ve slept many a night in one of those. I think mine got so frayed that I finally tossed it. You’re right, though – exactly the same concept.

  4. From what you described we have something similar. It is a Poncho Liner from my days in the Army. We are down to one after losing the oldest one. i bought it around 87 and it had a minor tear. But works awesome.

    We call them ‘Woobies’ after the security blanket in Mr. Mom.