BYOTP to California State Parks

In California, we have managed to save our state parks from the budget-axe, but the LA Times reported this week that our budget crisis is about to hit campers in a different way – the restroom. Your parents probably always told you that it is important to pay your bills, but evidently that lesson did not sink-in with the California legislators, who have failed to pay the bill on the state’s credit card resulting in its cancellation by the bank. I don’t know what all the state uses the credit cards to buy, but evidently one thing they use them for is to buy toilet paper and cleaning supplies for the state’s campgrounds.

The card is used to buy toilet paper and other supplies. And it won’t be reinstated until the governor and Legislature enact a state budget and card payments are renewed.

California State Parks run out of toilet paper next month

California State Parks run out of toilet paper next month

The state parks are expected to run out of toilet paper sometime next month, which could make for some interesting fall beach camping, along the California coast. Experienced campers bring their own toilet paper, of course, but the economy-fueled boom in the popularity of camping means that there are a lot of new, inexperienced, campers who are in for quite a shock. One can only hope that they remember the paper towels.

2 thoughts on “BYOTP to California State Parks

  1. They should make a public announcement of this. LOL OMG I feel so sorry for those who run into that problem. Wow what a shocker.

    See we cannot take things for granted.