Indiana (and Many Other States’) Campgrounds Nearly Full For Labor Day

With Labor Day weekend coming up, have you got your camping plans together. The DNR of Indiana had a press release come out in the middle of last week saying campgrounds were nearly booked full for the weekend. I’m sure this is happening in local, state, and national parks across the country. So if you’re looking for a camping get-away this coming weekend, better hurry!

Speaking of get-aways, what do you have plans to do for Labor Day weekend? Camping isn’t on my to do list, but I’m planning on a day trip or two to one of the local state parks in my area – look for a post coming up.

3 thoughts on “Indiana (and Many Other States’) Campgrounds Nearly Full For Labor Day

  1. Normally every year I head up North to Ludington Michigan. Lake Michigan has so much to offer and this year my wife and I won’t be able to make it. Labor day is so close I can smell it! Thanks for reminding me to get on this lol

  2. What national park did you end up going to? The Memorial Day weekend out here in Colorado was a mad house when it came to camp grounds. Three day weekends are not good days to go to the campgrounds. Backpacking would probably be a better option, but still crowded.