Weekend Outdoor Reads for February 12th

Weekend Outdoor Reads highlights some of the most interesting content that I’ve come across, this week, from around the web. This week, I’m reaching back a bit, since I was out of town and missed Ryan Dionne’s post on GearJunkie.com about some of the unconventional outdoor gear that he came across at the Outdoor Retailer show, in Salt Lake City. I’ve got a bunch of good stuff this week, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s best outdoor content.

Unconventional Gear

Backpacking coffee maker

Brunton Flip N' Drip coffee maker

There’s always some cool new gear introduced at the Outdoor Retailer show and this new Flip N’ Drip™ coffee maker from Brunton® is one that really caught my eye. Heat up water on your stove using the bottom section, put your coffee in the filter (orange center section), screw-on the cap (which doubles as a mug)  and flip it over for a fresh mug of drip coffee.

Free New Jersey Trails Guidebook

New Jersey Birding and Wildlife Trails Guide

New Jersey Birding and Wildlife Trails Guide

Free is always a good price, and if you camp and hike in the Meadowlands then there’s no reason not to order this great looking guide from the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

CEJCamping Blog

One of my regular stops on the Internet, lately, has been the CEJCamping Blog. Check out the series they’ve been running on the “ten essentials” for some good information on what to carry, any time you venture into the backcountry.

The Mighty Sparrow

The Mighty Sparrow

The Mighty Sparrow blog, by the California Parks Companies

Another great blog I’ve been reading lately is The Mighty Sparrow, which is all about great places to see in California. Those of you who don’t live in California might wonder why the heck anyone would want to put up with all this traffic and our high cost of living. Well, take a few minutes to browse through The Mighty Sparrow and you’ll see some of the best that California has to offer.

100 Natural Wonders Of The World

Göreme National Park, in the Cappadocia region of Turkey (Photo by Mila Zinkova)

What would Weekend Outdoor Reads be without a little eye-candy? Here is a list of 100 natural wonders of the world, complete with links to their respective Wikipedia pages, if you want to get some more in-depth information.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Outdoor Reads for February 12th

  1. Thanks for the link Roy, your comments always add a welcomed contribution to the posts! The Ten Essentials was a fun series to write, hopefully it can steer people away from some of our mistakes! On Monday I should have a review of some new family games related to the outdoors (my family is testing them out now!), so that should be a good article for folks too.

    That coffee maker looks like it would be worth testing! I love coffee in the morning, and that seems to be a nice way of encapsulating it all into one system. I wonder how easy the middle filter section is to clean out, and how long the cup keeps the coffee hot?

    I always enjoy the great pictures you manage to find and link to, and these were no exception! Its great that some of those spots were right here in our own backyard too!

    • Yeah, it looks kind of interesting Marc – if nothing else, just because you could get rid of a mug and a coffee pot. Less “stuff” is always a plus.

  2. We spent about a week in Goreme, Turkey on our honeymon/babymoon a few years ago and it was amazing. Also, I hate when people trash my home state of California–yeah it’s nutty, but there is more scenic beauty and recreational opportunities there than most other states. You can snow ski and surf on the same day!