Weekend Outdoor Reads for June 18th

Weekend Outdoor Reads is a compendium of interesting outdoor content that I came across, this week. There aren’t any rules for Weekend Outdoor Reads, other than the fact that I have to find it interesting and, hopefully, you will too! This week features a great exposé on the challenges facing a new generation of “warm and fuzzy” fathers (very funny –  remember the TV show, Growing Pains?) and some problems facing Indiana and Missouri state parks, this weekend.

Make room for the new daddy

Coleman Royale pop-up tent trailer

Coleman Royale pop-up tent trailer (photo by Somebody's Mom)

It’s Father’s Day weekend and that means the news is full of stories about what it means to be a father, these days. One of the best, though, is by Tom Babin of the Calgary Herald.

Looking back, Jason Seaver had a lot of things going for him: good job, hot wife, thoughtful if rambunctious kids. But if that’s the fatherhood ideal that guys today have agreed upon, why do so many dads accept it so reluctantly? Why do we obsess over our role when generations before us never seemed to waste a thought on it? Can an ’80s-sitcom dad really be the role model for a generation?

High water hurts some Indiana state parks

Lower Cataract Falls

Lower Cataract Falls (photo by J. Stephen Conn)

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says beaches at Mississinewa, Salamonie, Roush and Lieber state recreation areas will be closed at least through the weekend because of high water.

Missouri closes beaches at five state parks because of E.Coli

The Department of Natural Resources has closed public beaches at five state parks after testing high levels of E. Coli bacteria in the water.

Did you ever want to make your own outdoor gear?

The Rain Shed outdoor fabrics and supplies

I used to live in Corvallis, Oregon – so I’m surprised to discover this week that there is a technical fabric store there. The Rain Shed has patterns for daypacks and backpacks, duffle bags, bivy sacks and jackets, along with all the latest waterproof and breathable fabrics, zippers, grommets and fasteners required to make your own gear. Another bonus – there’s no sales tax in Oregon.

Yosemite for the young

Yosemite with kids

Hiking in Yosemite (photo by Mwesigwa)

Lora at Tripping With Kids has  a great post on things to do with your kids in Yosemite. This post is geared towards the little ones, but she also links to another post of hers that targets things to do with older children.

If you are looking for a hike, there are plenty of places to go that are accessible even with a stroller. Visitor centers and nature centers can be found throughout the park, offering plenty of see-and-touch opportunities.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Outdoor Reads for June 18th

  1. The RainShed is an interesting link I hadn’t encountered before. For now, I’ll leave the backpack-making to the professionals, but it’s good to know there are options!

    • Oh, I haven’t – but that looks like a really interesting book! We just got back to civilization from the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests and are amazed at the amount of desolation from the B&B Complex Fire, in 2003.

  2. Loved the article in the Calgary Herald. Timely, funny, and more than somewhat true. Thanks for the good read.