Scientific Research Shows Best Way to Pack a Pop-Up Tent

Finally, some research dollars are being directed towards solving man’s great problems. In a great follow up to yesterday’s post on the types of tents,┬ámathematicians have solved the problem of how to best control overcurvature, which is apparently the technical term for the shapes that gives a pop up tent its structure.

While there are other applications


Science finally explains how to do this

that┬áthis can be applied to, packing up a pop up tent has befuddled more than a few people, so if you’re looking for tips on your tent that’s just kind of shoved in the closet, check out the article and try to tame the beast.

6 thoughts on “Scientific Research Shows Best Way to Pack a Pop-Up Tent

  1. I was always told that tents, not pop-up ones, should be stuffed not folded. Folding the tent causes seams to be in the same spot all the time causing premature wear.

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