Mechanic Invents Better Campfire Roasting Fork

roasting-marshmallowWhen Ray Westfall broke his broom, he invented a better way to roast marshmallows around the campfire. Instead of throwing the pieces away, Ray looked at the hollow aluminum broom-handle and imagined a roasting fork that could store safely inside.

Popsticks® are a 33-inch long roasting fork with an 18-inch anodized aluminum handle. The magic behind Popsticks is that the wire fork stores inside the handle, which keeps it from damaging other gear or getting bent. By allowing the cooking fork to be stored inside its handle, Popsticks can now be safely stored and made small enough for easy packing.


Ray’s friends and family were so taken with his design that they encouraged him to patent it, which he did. Soon, Westfall Industries was born and Ray began to manufacture Popsticks in his home town of Turlock, California. “As an ex-mechanic, I insist on the highest quality, both in material and construction, so that customer satisfaction will not be a problem,” said Ray. Westfall Industries backs every Popstick with a lifetime warranty.

Popsticks are available at for $19.95.

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4 thoughts on “Mechanic Invents Better Campfire Roasting Fork

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  2. i love these popsticks! i have 4 of them and not only can i roast with them but they can lock together for a longer stick or you can use them to hang a light on or a lot of other things. they never get hot when you are holding them and are so easy to clean and put away. the wesexpress thinks they are the best!

  3. Jim – just when you think everything’s been invented in outdoor gear, somebody comes up with a better mousetrap.