Plan your Labor Day family camping weekend now

apache-national-forestLabor Day is only four weeks away, but even if you have not yet made reservations for one of the most popular camping weekends of the year, there are still plenty of great campsites available all over the country. Here are ten great places I found this weekend that still have numerous open campsites available for Labor Day Weekend.

Joseph Stewart State Park, OR

Land Between The Lakes,  KY

Bolar Mountain Recreation Area, VA

Big Lake Recreation Area, AZ

Bear Brook State Park, NH

Norway Beach Recreation Area, MN

Lake Lowndes, MS

Mound Valley, KS

Jim Hogg Park, TX

Three Lakes, MI


I am surprised that Joseph Stewart State Park still has campsites available, as it is definitely a great family campground, and it is close to Crater Lake National Park. As of Saturday it still had 14 campsites available, which just goes to show that if you think it’s too late to make reservations for Labor Day, you just might be wrong.

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