Cool Summer Camping Gadgets for 2009

Garmin® Dakota™ 10

garmin-dakotaThe new Dakota 10 ($299.99) is a new touchscreen GPS receiver similar to the Oregon® line in a slightly smaller (2.2” W x 3.9” L x 1.3” D) package with a 2.6-inch display. The Dakota features a 25% longer battery life on its two AA batteries, at 20 hours, than the Oregon, which is probably attributable to the smaller display (the Oregon has a 3-inch display). The Dakota 10 does not have an expansion slot (the $349.99 Dakota 20 does), but it does have 850MB of internal storage.

Coghlan’s Cooler Light


Coghlan’s has been helping campers solve problems with quality outdoor products for fifty years and this summer they’re tackling that age-old problem of finding the right drink after dark with their Cooler Light ($8.99). The Cooler Light sticks to the underside of any ice chest lid and the low-power LED bulb illuminates automatically, whenever the lid is opened.


bheestie-bagLet’s face it, we all carry personal electronics into the backcountry that weren’t really designed for some of the conditions that we subject them to. That’s where the BHEESTIE Bag ($20) comes in. If your iPhone® gets a bit damp, just drop it into the BHEESTIE Bag and it will suck all of that moisture right out of the device, saving you a hefty repair or replacement bill. According to BHEESTIE, the bags can be reused for up to a year.

Geocache Navigator™

Geocaching is the hot new outdoor activity, but if you have a GPS-enabled phone, there is no reason to run out and buy a separate GPS receiver. Simply subscribe to Geocache Navigator ($5.99/mo.) through your mobile provider and you can instantly download cache locations and navigate to them using your phone. Switch between compass, map, and radar displays that guide you to hidden caches, and update the database in real time directly from your phone.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Summer Camping Gadgets for 2009

  1. Joel – thanks for your comments. My daughter and I just happen to be the inventors of The Cooler Light. We are Canadian baseball playing gals who were tired of swishing around in the ice-cold water, searching for that final beverage. So we did something about it. We connected with the best engineeers in Ottawa, and set to work creating what turned out to be Coghlans product of the year! Also works great in your tackle box, boat box, tool box, even your toilet seat!

    • That’s a great story, Linda! Congratulations on making Coghlans product of the year – that is quite an achievement.

  2. Oh man! You discovered the cooler light?! I have been using them in all of our coolers on the boat and when we head out camping. Great gadget, great post!