Give the Gift of Ansel Adams this Christmas

No, this is not Jeffrey Pine, but it is as close as I could get without violating copywrite laws

No, this is not Jeffrey Pine, but it is as close as I could get without violating copywrite laws

Recently the Ansel Adams Gallery announced the introduction of a series of “Archival Replicas” in sizes ranging from 7×9 to 30×38 inches. Until now, Ansel Adams photographs were only available as original prints, 8×10 inch Yosemite Special Edition photographs, or fine art posters. New advances in image reproduction technology has allowed the Gallery to accurately reproduce the neutral black and white images to their exacting standards, at a reasonable price point for the average enthusiast.

“In the past two years, technology has advanced to the point that we’re now able to make reproductions of my grandfather’s originals to extraordinarily exacting standards.”
— Matthew Adams

This is a great gift idea for every outdoor enthusiast, particularly those that are already knee-deep in the latest gadgets and gear. An Ansel Adams would be quite a conversation piece in any home, and I can certainly vouch for the fact that a series of black and white landscapes is a great design element in a room. Though sadly, my collection does not include an Ansel Adams (are you reading this, Santa?).

The Archival Replicas collection currently includes seven images that Ansel Adams created between 1930 and 1955, including photographs taken in Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Canyon de Chelly, at Point Sur and of the Marin Headlands. They are available online at

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2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Ansel Adams this Christmas

  1. This IS a great gift to give someone. As a native Californian I love Ansel Adams photography because it documents what I love about CA. I had the privilege of meeting him once. They did a great segment on him in the recent National Park series. I have a book of his photography from the store in Yosemite that was a wedding present from my brother who spent a lot of time in Yosemite and I have a poster from BedBathandBeyoned(!).

    Roy can you bring this topic back to the surface somehow for the upcoming holiday season? This really is a great idea.

    • Jenn – I will, in fact I just saw something new about the gallery in the news a few weeks ago.