New Camping Coffee Maker

The BrewFire features a metal carafe and a see-through resevoir

The BrewFire features a metal carafe and a see-through resevoir

Could this new coffee maker from Brunton® de-thrown my trusty Coleman™ coffee maker that’s been a mainstay at the Scribner campsite for several years, now? I’m not sure yet, since the Brunton does not come out until February, but it does look to have some interesting features over the Coleman. Unlike the Coleman, the Brunton “BrewFire” is self-contained, operating on either 1lb. disposable propane bottles, or butane canisters.

The BrewFire offers some attractive features including a metal carafe and a see-through reservoir; both shortcomings of the Coleman design. From an operational standpoint, the BrewFire will keep the coffee warm, whereas with the Coleman you have to move the coffee to a thermos when the brew-cycle is complete, or it could burn on the camp stove.

There are certainly some advantages to being able to brew coffee anywhere you want, without having to use a camp stove. That being said, I’m not sure the BrewFire offers enough additional value to justify the higher price-point that I am sure Brunton will be asking for this. If Brunton is able to compete at the $40 price of the Coleman, then I think they have a sure winner on their hands.

What do you think, does the BrewFire look like a good solution for camping coffee?

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5 thoughts on “New Camping Coffee Maker

  1. I’ve just visited your web site for the first time. Very nice! Very informative!
    We have just purchased a Ford Transit Cargo Van, and we are getting it equipped with our supplies for camping and travel. Having coffee on the road is a MUST for us. Ha! We have been discussing our options to achieve this. This looks like a wonderful choice and we will sure be checking it out!

  2. Hey VE! Wow, it’s PNW home day on the coffee post (imagine that?). Yeah, new digs and look – a link to your blog!

  3. Yeah, I’m thinking this one might come in around $60 which is a bit high for a single-purpose device, in my opinion. I still breath a sigh of relief every time I come home from camping and I haven’t broken the Coleman, though!

  4. I own the Coleman as well, got it as a gift.
    I like it, but I must admit, this Brunton has advantages. The carafe alone might convince me. Cost is always a factor though.