Utilitoy Camper & Cargo Hauler for Families on the Go

Part camper and part toy hauler - the Utilitoy is a flexible trailer that is great for families

Teardrop trailers are popular for their vintage appeal and easy-to-tow diminutive proportions, but there is a new crop of teardrops that are pushing the boundaries of utility to new limits. The Utilitoy is part camper, part toy hauler – perfect for outdoor families on the go.

A queen bed and full-size front bed sleeps four

Queen and full-size beds sleeps four

The bottom-line on any kind of camping shelter, whether a tent or an RV, are the number of sleeping areas. It doesn’t make any sense to invest in a tent, or a camp trailer, if it will not accommodate everyone in your family. The Utilitoy features a rear queen mattress, along with a full-size mattress for the front of the compartment, which makes it one of the best teardrop-style trailers I have seen for families.

A translucent roof keeps the interior light

A translucent roof keeps the interior light

The Utilitoy has some smart design features that make it suitable for backcountry camping, too. Maybe most importantly, the interior can be hosed-out! The Utilitoy is as much a cargo hauler as it is a camping trailer, so the 10’ by 6.5’ interior bay is completely waterproof.

Another feature that I find particularly useful on the Utilitoy is a translucent roof. This keeps the interior from feeling dark and claustrophobic – and it reduces the need for running interior lights. This is important when you are camping away from electrical power and relying on batteries.

The Utilitoy can be towed behind most family vehicles

All of these family-friendly features would be for naught, if the Utilitoy could not be towed by vehicles a family already owns. “One of our major accomplishments on this project was to create a trailer that anyone would feel comfortable towing.” Says Scott Williams, President of Utilitoy.

A well-optioned Utilitoy weighs-in at less than 1,050 pounds with a tongue-weight of just 80 pounds, which certainly makes it easily towable by most family vehicles. Our family car, for instance (a 2006 Suzuki XL-7), has a tow rating of 3,000 pounds which is typical of many smaller vehicles.

Plenty of space for bikes and gear

Plenty of space for bikes and gear

The Utilitoy is also a cargo hauler, though, so that 1,050 pounds still leaves plenty of room for dirt bikes or a watercraft, without pushing the limits of most vehicle’s towing capacities. It is also sized to fit in most driveways and garages, at 14.5’ long (a bit shorter than our Suzuki) with a width and height of seven feet.

Storage is not cheap, which is one reason that pop-up tent trailers are so popular with families. A hardside trailer, like the Utilitoy, that can be easily stored at home is a real plus. In fact, I could store our tent in the Utilitoy, which would free-up room in our closet (an inside joke – you can see a picture of my closet here).

I am encouraged that more RV manufacturers, like Utilitoy, are placing more emphasis on family camping, with more beds and more family-friendly features. Because it is both a camper and a cargo hauler,tThe Utilitoy provides a lot of return for the investment ($7,455-$9,200 depending on options) and yet it is small enough to be towed behind most family vehicles.

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