There Is a New Duct Tape In Town

Scotch® Tough Duct Tape peels-off cleanDuct tape has been one of those outdoor essentials ever since I was a kid. 3M’s Scotch® Brand has recently improved on the standby with their Tough Duct Tape that is designed to better-withstand the outdoor elements and not disintegrate into a gooey mess, like standard duct tape.

There are several different types of duct tape in the new “Tough” line, but the one that is most interesting for us campers is their Heavy Duty, All Weather version, which is UV resistant and features a waterproof backing.

This should be a big improvement over standard duct tape, when it comes to patching holes in tents and tarps, not to mention that this poly-tape won’t leave a sticky white residue on the material, when you peel it off to make a permanent fix.

I checked in our town and Scotch® Tough Duct Tape is available at Target® and ACE Hardware®, so I’ll pick-up a roll and give it a try on our next outing.

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