Grizzly Bears Playing

Kachina and Kiona are two grizzly bear sisters that the San Francisco zoo adopted from Montana.

We have been in Silicon Valley for nearly six years, and yet we have never been to the San Francisco Zoo. We made the trek into the city, this past weekend, and the kids had a great time seeing all the animals. The star attraction, though, were Kachina and Kiona, two grizzly bear sisters that the zoo adopted from Montana.

8 thoughts on “Grizzly Bears Playing

  1. Those bears are adorable and the kids love them for sure. It is always a great idea to have the kids spend some time at the Zoo – it is both fun and educational experience!

  2. Hi all..Great to see people appreciating the bears.Watch a programme on National Geographic not so long ago called the Bearman from Yakamar.There was a Russian zoo that kept baby bears.When the bears grew too big for the cage the zoo would kill the bears.But this guy bought the bears and raised them in the wild(in russia) and taught them to hunt and socialise.There were some aggressive bears there too that wanted to hurt and maybe even eat the cubs he was caring for.But the real interesting thing was that when he was walking with his cubs that the aggressive adult bears paid no attention to him, but instead concentrated on the cubs.And when he confronted the aggressive bears they all backed off. It kind of makes you wonder whether the bear is actually a real danger to the human.Maybe we need to learn more about the bear to be able to live in harmony with it…Great video and an excellent blog.Now will add you to my RSS feed..//Paul

  3. Spring is out and so are the bears. I recently saw a grizzly on an outdoor trip last summer by the side of the road while driving by. They are magnificent animals and a treat to see, better so in the wild of course!

  4. Nice video, those grizzly bears are adorable. Despite what people think they’re actually quite social and spend a lot of their free time playing for fun.

    • Those two were definitely the highlight of the day, Jonathan. Just before I got that video, they were both hanging out in their pond and splashing-around in the water.