Once-famous Yellowstone trail no longer maintained

Once-famous Yellowstone trail no longer maintained

Scattered markers refer to the Howard Eaton Trail, but it is no longer maintained. A log-framed sign erected when the trail was dedicated on July 19, 1923, with a photo of Eaton on his favorite mount, Danger, and information about his ties to the park, was eventually removed and not replaced.
The Billings Gazette

12 thoughts on “Once-famous Yellowstone trail no longer maintained

  1. Well, that’s too bad. The article doesn’t say why the trail is being neglected; but I suspect it’s due to budget cuts. It would be nice to see the national parks promote the aesthetics and historical value of these treasures better; increased fees (and public pressure) could enable them to keep this going.

  2. It is interesting the different priorities of the different park administrations through the years. I would suspect that it goes right through the middle of a lot of good Bear Country. The classic conflict is to use the park for millions of visitors per summer and keep it wild for bears and other animals that draw the millions of visitors.


  3. This is a shame to see. You would think it would be popular enough for them to want to maintain it. I agree with Deanna too, it would be good to get the boy and girl scouts involved to maintain it so they can earn some badges.

  4. It’s a shame to see any trail forgotten about, especially one as iconic as the Howard Eaton Trail. Deanna, you really hit the nail on the head. Restoration projects are very popular amongst soon-to-be Eagle Scouts, and being able to maintain a trail such as this would be an honor amongst outdoor-lovers.

  5. In australia our wonderful goverment deliberately chooses to neglect the maintainence of tracks, trails and camping sites in an effort to discourage people from using that sort of resource. This is done because they prefer to close areas to people rather than allowed controlled sensible access to these areas. I am a bit envious that in America at least you have people who want to keep these sort of historic trails open.

  6. So sad, what about getting boy scout troops or girl scout troops to get in there and earn their badges?

  7. That’s sad… I have never gone to Yellowstone before and would still really like to. Let’s hope that no more historic trails close!

  8. That’s really too bad. I have read that the original trail from Fishing Bridge to LeHardy Rapids is gorgeous and home to many bears. It’s definitely on my list of places to visit, maintained or not.