Making Family Camping Photos Better

Fixing a washed-out sky in Photoshop Elements

I am pretty cheap when it comes to photographing our family camping excursions. My Cannon point-and-shoot is a decent camera, but when it comes to shooting in low light conditions, or my biggest challenge – shooting good landscapes, the limitations of this kind of camera are clearly evident in the marginal pictures it produces (not me, of course – the camera!). Continue reading

Buying Camping Gear at Wal-Mart

Camping gear at Walmart? Some is good, some not so good

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Wal-Mart is probably the market leader in affordable, family camping gear. Their selection exists within the confines of one small aisle, but they have everything you could need for a trip to your favorite campground. All the way from Disney themed sleeping bags (I prefer The Little Mermaid), to high-end Coleman portable stoves. Some of this stuff is pretty decent, and some of it…not so much. Continue reading