Advance Reservations at State Parks for 2010

state-park-advance-reservationsHave you reserved your favorite campsites for the coming year? Many state parks fill up quickly, so it is important to plan ahead, if you intend to camp at one of your parks in 2010. States have different policies regarding advance reservations of campsites, so use the following list to see when the reservation window opens in your state. Links to the state reservation pages are provided in the Campgrounds section of CampingBlogger.

Alabama: 12 Months (some cabins are 30 days)
Alaska: 12 Months
Arizona: 12 Months
Arkansas: 12 Months

California: 6 Months
Colorado: 12 Months
Connecticut: 11 Months
Delaware: 7 Months

Florida: 11 Months
Georgia: 11 Months
Hawaii: 12 Months
Idaho: 9 Months

Illinois: January 1 (mail-in), February 1 (in person and by phone)
Indiana: 6 Months
Iowa: 12 Months
Kansas: 12 Months

Kentucky: 12 Months
Louisiana: 11 Months
Maine: February 1 (Sebago Lake only), February 8 (all others)
Maryland: 12 Months

Massachusetts: 6 Months
Michigan: 6 Months
Minnesota: 1 Year
Mississippi: 12 Months

Missouri: 6 Months
Montana: February 13
Nebraska: 12 Months
Nevada: 6 Months

New Hampshire: 11 Months
New Jersey: 11 Months
New Mexico: 6 Months
New York: 9 Months

North Carolina: 11 Months
North Dakota: 90 Days
Ohio: 6 Months
Oklahoma: 11 Months

Oregon: 9 Months
Pennsylvania: 11 Months
Rhode Island: 12 Months
South Carolina: 11 Months

South Dakota: 90 Days
Tennessee: 12 Months
Texas: 11 Months
Utah: 11 Months

Vermont: 11 Months
Virginia: 11 Months
Washington: 9 Months
West Virginia: 12 Months

Wisconsin: 11 Months
Wyoming: 90 Days

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6 thoughts on “Advance Reservations at State Parks for 2010

  1. Unfortunately, it looks like the Governor and Legislature of Arizona are about ready to shut down its entire state park system. I wouldn’t make any reservations there. It’s unbelievable that a state so dependent on tourism revenue is willing to piss away their park system.

    • Scott – I’ve been following that and I can’t believe it. Our governor threatened to do the same thing, here in California, but he found out that idea wasn’t very popular (Schwarzenegger likes to be liked 🙂 ). I can’t believe that Arizonans are going to allow this – your legislature should be run out of town.

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    • Thanks, Nancy!I’m happy to report that Virginia’s policies were super easy to locate – great job!

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