Weekend Outdoor Reads for December 11th

Weekend Outdoor Reads highlights some of the best outdoor content from the week. It’s often from other blogs that I follow, but I also come across unique and interesting outdoor content in the press. No matter what the source, trust in the fact that if it made my Weekend Outdoor Reads list, it’s probably worth taking a look at over Saturday morning coffee.

shelton-johnsonMeet Shelton Johnson, PBS Star and Author

In September, I read “Gloryland”, by a Yosemite Park Ranger Shelton Johnson. It’s a novel about a young man of African and Seminole descent who leaves a troubled life in Spartanburg, South Carolina to join the Army and eventually be stationed in Yosemite Park, in 1903. Look for a CampingBlogger review soon, but until then you can learn more about Ranger Johnson in this Fresno Bee article, by Mark Grossi.

Modern Hiker Turns 3

birthday-cakeCasey Schreiner is a little sharper than I am – he pulled the plug on his personal blog on December 10, 2006 and started Modern Hiker (I would spin my wheels for another two years), which is a blog about hiking in and around Los Angeles. Did I say hiking in Los Angeles? It’s true – check it out!

Hawaii – Big Island and Oahu

With a record cold spell sweeping across much of the country, it’s the perfect to spend a little time checking out the Peter Tsai Photography Blog and, specifically, his photo essay on Hawaii’s Big Island and Oahu. Austin-based Peter shares 13 photos (with a promise of more to come) from his first trip to Hawaii and they’re sure to make you start checking airfares for your own excursion to the islands.


activekidsclubAre you looking for something to do with the kids, this weekend? Spend some time on Activekidsclub.com and you’re sure to get some great ideas on everything from baking gingerbread cookies to teaching your kids to ice skate. Toronto-based Activekidsclub.com is all about connecting children and adults to nature and they promise, “no matter what the weather, we will show you joyful and fun outdoor activities to do in all the four seasons.”

Five Must-Have Shots to Take on Your Next Family Hike

Some family photography advice, from adventuroo.com, about the different kinds of pictures you should capture on your next family trip. I need to print this out, because I’m always forgetting to take nature shots at different angles and I’m rarely in any of the photos!

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