Spring Waterproofing with Kiwi Camp Dry

Kiwi Camp Dry

Kiwi Camp Dry

Our current family camping tent is entering its third season of service, so this seemed like a great time to give the rain fly a fresh coat of waterproofing to handle those impromptu spring showers. To that end, Kiwi® was kind enough to send me a can of their Camp Dry® heavy duty water repellent and, since our tent could easily double as a small house, I picked-up another can myself, just to make sure I had enough to cover the entire rain fly. Camp Dry is a silicon based water repellent that is designed for outdoor gear like boots, patio furniture and the polyester taffeta rain fly on our tent. Continue reading

Making Family Camping Photos Better

Fixing a washed-out sky in Photoshop Elements

I am pretty cheap when it comes to photographing our family camping excursions. My Cannon point-and-shoot is a decent camera, but when it comes to shooting in low light conditions, or my biggest challenge – shooting good landscapes, the limitations of this kind of camera are clearly evident in the marginal pictures it produces (not me, of course – the camera!). Continue reading