5 Stocking Stuffers for your Camper

christmas-stocking Is it that time again, already? That right, we’re just a week away from carving the turkey and hitting the stores on Black Friday to stock-up on all those great outdoor gift ideas at low, low prices. If you’re like me, though, shopping online is a lot easier and more enjoyable than fighting the crowds at the mall, so here are five inexpensive gifts for the outdoor person in your life.


Pop’s Authentic™ Bacon Snack Sticks

Peanut bars can take you so far, before you start craving something a bit more substantial, and there’s nothing that will scratch that itch quicker than bacon flavored meat sticks! Don’t confuse these with the Slim Jim™, produced by ConAgra Foods® and sold in convenience stores. Pop’s Authentic Snack Sticks are made with lean pork and beef, so they taste great and they don’t leave your fingers all greasy. A dozen sticks are $16.80, including shipping, direct from Pop’s Authentic. www.popsauthentic.com

Coghlan’s™ Magnesium Fire Starter


I’m a big fan of these magnesium fire starters, after I picked one up earlier this year (see The Backcountry Essentials). They are easy to use, even when your hands are cold, and throw off plenty of hot sparks to get your tender going. I know a lot of people who carry windproof lighters, but the way I see it, steel and magnesium won’t ever break so it’s just one less thing I have to worry about. Coghlan’s Magnesium Fire Starter sells for under $6 all over the Internet – $5.98 on Amazon.com® was the best deal, if you are an Amazon Prime member, since shipping is free. www.coghlans.com


FoldTukâ„¢ Kitchenware

For my RV readers out there, FoldTuk makes a line of collapsible cookware that at home in the freezer or the oven. These are great for pop-ups and RVs where space is a premium and you don’t want a bunch of ceramic or metal kitchenware rattling around, when you are driving. FoldTuk kitchenware is made from a petroleum-free polymer and is safe to use in ovens to 500-degrees. FoldTuk offers different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and each comes with a sealable lid for food storage. The 4-cup round version, shown here, is $15.99 plus shipping. www.foldtuk.com


Don’t Bite Me!™ Patch

If you’re a bit reluctant to spray your kids down with DEET, there is a patch available that uses Vitamin B1 and Aloe to ward off mosquitoes. Unlike sprays and lotions, the patch doesn’t leave any messy residue and, according to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 36 hours. They claim the B1 and Aloe combination works for 8 out 10 people and swimming or showering will not degrade its affectivity. A box of 10 patches is $7.99 plus shipping. www.dontbitemepatchstore.com

Shred Alert Powerlines Beanie


Looking more like something your Grandma knitted than just another mass-produced beanie, the Shred Alert™ is a great looking hat that will let you stand out in the sea of synthetic black beanies. One thing the Shred Alert has, that your Grandma’s probably didn’t, is a super-comfy fleece lining. The Powerlines beanie is $29, plus shipping. www.shredalert.com

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11 thoughts on “5 Stocking Stuffers for your Camper

  1. I second the headlamps suggestions. And I saw some LED, reusable lightsticks online the other day. Can’t go wrong with a scarf or mittens either. I like the mittens that fold open to fingerless gloves.

  2. The BEST cooking tool I use is one of these: http://www.campfiregrill.com

    The setup is SO EASY, and they come with a bag that you can just put everything into for cleanup later. And just like it says…the food doesn’t get lost in the campfire. I leave it set up the whole time we’re camping so anyone can use it at any time, and it swings away from the fire when not in use so you don’t have to put it all away when you’re done using it. Great for the older kids who are always hungry…they can throw a hotdog or burger on for themselves at any time.

    Friends have loved them when we’ve camped together, so I’m getting them as Christmas gifts this year. And…I saw a group of bikers camping out, and they even had one of the smaller ones cuz they were convenient enough to put on the bike!

  3. Hi,
    I have two promotional codes to give out for reviews on an app for animal tracks if you happen to have an iPhone or iTouch. Let me know if your interested.

  4. For younger kids, flashlights/headlamps are great too. Kids love playing with flashlights at night, and using them for scary story time in the tent! While not really camping gear, toys are great too. We keep some packed in the camping bins so we don’t have to worry about forgetting them. My boys love the Monster Jam Monster Trucks, they’ll play with them for hours when we camp. Running them through streams and mud, over logs, building obstacle courses for them, etc. Its a great way to keep them entertained while I make meals, or in the tent in case of bad weather.

    The magnesium stick is a great idea for adults, I find it keeps us entertained for hours too!

    • Marc – I didn’t think about headlamps for the kids, that’s a good idea (assuming I can teach them not to shine it in my eyes!). My son is a monster jam fiend, too – but it looks like he’s moving on to Star Wars, now 🙂

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  6. Thanks Roy that is a real good idea. We had wood chopping contests last year because we have mostly boys that camp with us, grandsons, nephews so it will fit right in. Thanks again.

  7. I like the fire starter. I think it is a great little gift to give to my camping family. We usually try to find something unique to give. We have about 6 cousins that camp with us. It is nice to find something different that is inexpensive enough to give out to more than one. Great ideas, Thank you.

    • One thing that’s a lot of fun, when you have a group of kids, is to have a fire-starting contest.