Most Hyped Pop-up Ever?

opera-pop-up-tentSeveral weeks ago, I started seeing stories about this stylish tent trailer designed by Belgian architect Axel Enthoven. The stories kept coming; Treehugger on November 2nd, Gizmag on November 3rd, Gadgettastic on November 4th – everyone is fawning over the pop-up that, “takes obvious cues from the Sydney Opera House in Australia.” (Dvice, October 30th). Despite all of the excitement, there is scant little tangible information available on the ‘Opera’ tent trailer, other than its lavish accoutrements. Evidently, those are real hardwood floors and there is a wine cabinet in there, somewhere.


The Conestoga-like interior appears to have a small bathroom in the front, with narrow beds on either side. A stovetop on the left and a sink on the right frame the open back of the Opera.  It’s unclear from the few pictures available, whether the rear of the pop-up closes for protection from the elements. One thing’s for sure, with hardwood floors, a wine cabinet, hot and cold running water and a porcelain toilet, the Opera is not going to be one of the lighter tent trailers.

I’m a big fan of innovative products, like SylvanSport’s ‘GO’ multipurpose trailer and the Coleman Switchback tent trailer, but the Opera strikes me as more of a design exercise than a serious offering designed for the backcountry. For something that appears so gargantuan on the outside, the interior shot of the Opera displays a surprising lack of useable interior space. The friends I have who were drawn to pop-ups are family campers who like the large bed platforms, which provide plenty of sleeping space. The Opera does not even have a convertible dinette bed.

The Opera is supposed to go into limited production in 2010, most likely in Europe although the iconic design is sure to tickle the fancy of at least a few people here in the States. It’s sure to draw a crowd wherever it pops-up, which is likely the primary reason someone would purchase one.

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13 thoughts on “Most Hyped Pop-up Ever?

  1. Sorry Roy, you are right, the website was indeed placed at the internet by the beginning of december.
    Camping in the Opera is a great experience. I have done it now a few times and coming weekend is the next time. The mover, the automatic levelsystem, the automatic fold-out of the tent and the adjustable beds are so handy! To be honest: the design is so exeptional that a great lot of people want to have a demonstration when we are camping. That causes sometimes a bit of annoyance. But that is the price we are now paying for it!

  2. The beds are gliding automaticly to eachother to have one very big comfotable bed fot 2 persons. There is a lot of space insite for a table, chairs, clothing, china, etc. More information, also in Englisch, at Look first before you react is my advise!

  3. All the mentoned “faults” are made up by people who are proberly jalours. At least they have not taking the affort to look at the website for the details of the Opera. Yes, it will seal on several points, yes you can close it up so there will be no fly’s or mosquitoes inside, no the wind has no effect on the Opera, etc. etc. It is good to love the campinggear you are using at this moment, but stay awake for interesting developments!

  4. I appreciate the design and high-end materials. But like you said, probably not practical for campers in the colonies. Looks like there is a curtain/door by the cabinets that closes up the end. I’m not seeing how it would seal up and be bug proof. I’ve been exploring hammock camping. This beauty is not in that neighborhood!

    • Jenn – that’s one of the strange things about the Opera. It’s very high-end and yet (it appears) there is no way to close it up. I don’t think your typical Opera buyer is one to put up with fly’s or mosquitoes 🙂

  5. It does look cool, but a bit fancy. I’d rather have the functionality and room of a standard pop-up. And it makes me wonder…. leather furniture in bear country… would that smell tasty to a bear? 🙂

  6. I think I’d be afraid to take something that fancy into the backcountry. Wouldn’t want to get it dirty. It is cool to look at, though.

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