Small Sleeping Bag, Smaller Price

Sleeping bag for backpackingIt’s always been my contention that when it comes to camping gear, you have to pay a premium for the lightweight backpacking variety. That logic got stood on its head when Eureka!® sent me one of their Kotey 35-degree bags, which weighs just a shade over two pounds and retails for less than $100.

The Kotey comes in a 14-inch by 7-inch stuff sack, with integral compression straps that really help turn it into a small package. I had no problems fitting the Kotey into the bottom of my daypack, which is a huge advantage over strapping a bag to the outside of the pack.

Sleeping bag Kotey 35

I have always liked the idea of a synthetic bag, from a durability standpoint, but they have never really hit the size and weight requirements to fit my needs. The Kotey is not only a few ounces heavier than my down bag, but it’s less than half the price.

The Kotey is 82-inches long, which was just right for my 6’ 3” frame. The shell is a soft polyester material that was comfortable and quiet. The zipper has an effective draft tube that keeps cold air at bay, but the zipper is a bit stiff and seems small for this application. It might loosen-up with more use.

Eureka Kotey 35 sleeping bag

The Kotey is rated to 35-degrees, which I have not been able to tryout, yet. After several nights in the low to mid-40s though, I’m confident that the Kotey is going to be comfortable down to its specified temperature. This is exactly what I was looking for in a sleeping bag, one that was small enough to fit inside my daypack and warm enough to handle the summer Sierra high country.

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10 thoughts on “Small Sleeping Bag, Smaller Price

  1. I just had the pleasure of taking four days in my Eureka bag and I was extremely happy with the weekend in the bag down to about 35 degrees. I did however forget to pack my sleeping pad. I was quite lucky though that I was in the Outer Banks and I hit a local beach shop for an inflatable Swim Mattress. Best 5.99 I have spent in years.

    • $5.99 is a great deal on a “sleeping pad” Kevin! I bet it was a lot more comfortable than mine, which is just a cut-down piece of foam (to fit inside a backpack). I’m pretty happy with the Eureka bag – there are a few little things on it I’d change, but for the money I cannot really complain.

  2. Thanks for the review! It is nice to hear someone to say how the Eureka Kotey 35-degree bag is light and small enough to fit into his day backpack. Also to know that it does work in keeping you warm in the weather also. It will help in our business to know that it will work in the day pack.

  3. I have an REI bag (no idea of the name/model) that is very similar. I’ve had it for several years now and it is my favorite summer and fair weather bag, for all the reasons you mentioned. Here is another, on one of our trips two years ago we had a huge thunderstorm and discovered multiple leaks in our large tent. Everyone’s bags were wet. By night, because it was thinner and lighter, mine was dry and I was able to sleep in the tent. Everyone else was sleeping in the Jeep and truck without their bags. I’d say I had the more comfortable night.

    • Marc – the way I figure it, a 2lb sleeping bag that is small enough to carry in a daypack is infinitely more usable (under appropriate conditions, of course) than a sleeping bag that I have to strap to the outside of my pack, or make special accommodations for.

    • Thanks, Rachel – I also take most sleeping bag ratings with a grain of salt, particularly since people are so different. I agree with you, though, that this should be a great summer bag for almost anyone (who is into mummy-type bags).

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ll definitely have to check that bag out. I could use one somewhere between my minus-15 bag and my synthetic liner, which I use for summer camping. This one sounds perfect. And gotta love the price.

    • Deb – right, that’s exactly what I was looking for. A sleeping bag that is light enough to carry in a daypack (granted, my daypack is larger than most), but something more comfortable than a liner.