Changes to CampingBlogger

Frequent readers may have noticed fewer postings on CampingBlogger recently (which will change in the coming weeks, so don’t worry about rare posting in the future). CampingBlogger has a new editor, Eric Ridenour. After running this site for several years, Roy has decided to pass the site on. I hope to continue this site in his spirit, offering camping news, tips, reviews, and plenty of guest posts. I look forward to sharing my travels, tips and experiences with you.

I’m excited to take over this blog as I love the outdoors and camping. I’ve been all over the country and have enjoyed camping in the heat of the summer to the dead of winter, and have camped on beaches and in the mountains. Most of my travels have been tent camping, but I have a few outings in cabins and trailers.

During the transition, some emails may have been lostĀ from people wanting to guest post or otherwise reach out to me. If you sent an email through our site in the past month or so, sorry but your email may have been among these. Also, the welcome mat is always out for guest bloggers. Either way, please check out our contact page to get in touch.

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