Changes to CampingBlogger

Frequent readers may have noticed fewer postings on CampingBlogger recently (which will change in the coming weeks, so don’t worry about rare posting in the future). CampingBlogger has a new editor, Eric Ridenour. After running this site for several years, Roy has decided to pass the site on. I hope to continue this site in his spirit, offering camping news, tips, reviews, and plenty of guest posts. I look forward to sharing my travels, tips and experiences with you. Continue reading

Weekend Outdoor Reads for January 15th

Outdoor Reads highlights five interesting blog posts, news articles, photos, or just about anything else that caught my eye on the Internet, this week. This week, I can across a post on snow sledding, a great map of our national trail system, camping at Disney World®, some great wildlife photos and an expedition to Argentina that is seeking financial backing. So grab a cup of coffee and journey with me around the World Wide Web!

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Weekend Outdoor Reads for January 8th

Welcome to Weekend Outdoor Reads for January 8th, a post where I get to share with you five interesting articles, blog posts, pictures or videos  about outdoor topics that I came across, during the week. This week we’ve got an excellent photographic snowshoe journey by Daniel Fox, a look at a century’s worth of stories from Glacier National Park, a shocking update to last week’s story on the closing of Arizona’s state parks, 130 Bear Grylls videos you can watch for free and a $10,000 Gore-Tex® contest that’s wrapping-up on Wednesday.

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Weekend Outdoor Reads for January 1st

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening. While you are enjoying your coffee this morning, here are my first five Weekend Outdoor Reads for 2010. This week, I’m highlighting a hike in the San Gabriel Mountains, a contrast between what is happening with Arizona’s and Georgia’s state parks, a cool iPhone application for looking-up animal tracks, free camping at Dinosaur Monument in Utah and ranger-led snowshoe walks in Lassen National Park.

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No Charge at Park Service Sites Tomorrow

yosemite-entrance-signIn honor of Veterans Day, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has announced that parks and areas managed by the department will not charge entrance fees.

“Visitors to national parks are invited to take a day to honor and reflect on what our service men and women have done to maintain our freedom and keep peace around the world,” Salazar said.

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