Changes to CampingBlogger

Frequent readers may have noticed fewer postings on CampingBlogger recently (which will change in the coming weeks, so don’t worry about rare posting in the future). CampingBlogger has a new editor, Eric Ridenour. After running this site for several years, Roy has decided to pass the site on. I hope to continue this site in his spirit, offering camping news, tips, reviews, and plenty of guest posts. I look forward to sharing my travels, tips and experiences with you.

I’m excited to take over this blog as I love the outdoors and camping. I’ve been all over the country and have enjoyed camping in the heat of the summer to the dead of winter, and have camped on beaches and in the mountains. Most of my travels have been tent camping, but I have a few outings in cabins and trailers.

During the transition, some emails may have been lost from people wanting to guest post or otherwise reach out to me. If you sent an email through our site in the past month or so, sorry but your email may have been among these. Also, the welcome mat is always out for guest bloggers. Either way, please check out our contact page to get in touch.

23 thoughts on “Changes to CampingBlogger

  1. Hey Eric,

    Just want to say welcome, and I’m looking forward to your articles and posts. Sounds like you have a lot of good experience with camping, and your tips and insights will be eagerly anticipated.

    All the best.

  2. Roy did such a wonderful job on this site. He gave super tips on good places to go and visit and a where good clean sites were to camp. Thanks Roy.

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  4. Hi there, ive also been trying to get in touch.

    I am an avid camper and love the great outdoors, I have set up a camping social network I just wondered if perhaps I could be a guest authors and introduce my site.

    Basically the site has been designed for people like yourself who loves camping, caravanning, kayaking, Hiking or you just love the great outdoors. Its been designed for campers to share there camping experiences and connect with others. To recommend and discuss caravan, campsites & trails, meet new friends, Video Chat with friends, Start networking groups and promote camping events and activities there your area. They can upload photos to there profile and share them with others who share the same interest.
    I have put a link to your blog on my site and would much appreciate the same.
    Well I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Happy camping!

  5. Hi,

    I keep trying to email you on info@ and admin@ addresses (both provided on the site) but both bounce back with a mailer error.

    My email address is included with this comment, in the email box above. Could you send me a quick hello email so I can reply & forward on my request?

    This would be great, thank you!

    • Hey Carly (and Eric),
      I’m having the same trouble and have too tried both those email addresses – Carly did you have any luck? Or Eric do you have any suggestions for me? Sorry I don’t want to be pushy when no doubt you’re flat out with the new editors position – but if you could reply when you had a chance it would be most appreciated.

  6. Eric, I very much look forward to reading your family camping related posts. I have subscribed to the RSS feed to make sure I don’t miss a post! All the best

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  10. Hi Eric, I’ve tried a few times over the last month to get in touch with you guys via email. It gets sent back every time! Is the email on your contact page still correct?