Now You’re Cooking With(out) Gas

littlebug-camp-stoveIf you did a lot of camping as a kid, like I did, then you probably are very familiar with the Esbit® solid fuel tablet (hexamine tablets) stove. Esbit stoves were cheap, simple to use, and did a fair job of heating a canteen cup of hot chocolate, or soup.

Esbit stoves are still around, but now you can take simplicity even further with a new crop of wood burning camp stoves. A wood burning camp stove offers some obvious advantages for backpackers, since they no longer have to pack fuel. All of these stoves can use just about any combustible material, from pinecones, to sticks, twigs, and branches.

The best part about all of these stoves is that they work! Some, like the Sierra and the Woodgas, use a battery-powered fan to help the fire burn hotter, but numerous reviews indicate that even the non-powered stoves will boil a quart of water in 5 or 6 minutes.

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8 thoughts on “Now You’re Cooking With(out) Gas

  1. Hey, I know this blog post hasn’t been updated in a while, but the FireAnt Stove by EmberLit is another really good option if you are looking for a compact, lightweight wood-burning camping stove! Can be found here: – Got mine last year and love it 🙂

  2. I still like my hexamine blocks if i’m honest. I know they aren’t always the fastest thing to use but they work in all conditions and they don’t really take up that much room in your pack.

  3. Good question, John – I really don’t know. If I remember correctly, both CA and OR have a graduated fire hazard scale and the most severe condition prohibits all open flame.

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