5 Tips For Pitching Your Tent

This guest post was written by Callum Pragnell of LeisureKings.co.uk, a camping equipment store in the UK.
tent-campingIf you’re thinking about escaping to the great outdoors with the family or friends sometime in the near future, any tips and advice to pick up before you go is great – especially if it’s your first time! Camping is a great way to have fun in the outdoors whilst also enjoying quality time with your nearest and dearest; but make sure you know what you’re doing. Make it a trip to remember – not a trip to forget!
One of the first things most people encounter when going camping is setting up their tent, this can be quite complicated and to make sure you don’t have any problems with this on your trip, it is worth following these 5 key steps before you leave!
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A Foodies Guide to Camping

This guest post was written by Claire Fischer, editor of the FlipKey Blog, a vacation rental company. Claire loves to travel, eat, and share her experiences with those around her.

Yosemite-cookingThis past summer my boyfriend and I took our first camping trip together. We lived in Boston and decided to head out west to explore new territory and visit Yosemite National Park for the first time. While my boyfriend loves the outdoors, he had never even been camping outside his front yard before. I should also mention that he is a professional chef and unwilling to compromise food quality for his love of nature. Not only did we have the most amazing adventure in Yosemite but we managed to eat quality meals that did not disappoint our taste buds. So here are a few tips for how foodies can camp too.


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Say Hello to Pinnacles, Our Newest National Park


Rock Formations at Pinnacles National Park (source: Wikipedia)

Pinnacles National Park became the 59th national park in the U.S and the ninth in California on January 10th this year. Located about 80 miles south of San Jose,100 miles west of Fresno, and the nearest city being Soledad, CA, it’s about midway up California. This park’s highlight is its rock formations (“pinnacles”) formed by an eroding ancient lava field that resulted from its location near the San Andreas Fault. However, it features many other unique qualities and recreation opportunities, from the unique chapparal and woodland biome, to a notable wildflower season in Spring, and of course hiking, interpretive programs, and camping.

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Weather Safety While Camping

This is a guest post from Mark Clements, who works for McCampbell Enterprises. He invites you to feel free to contact him at rainponchosonline@hotmail.com if you have any questions regarding weather safety. If you would like to guest post on CampingBlogger, please contact me or check out our page on guest posting.

Camping is a blast. Since you are here at this website, I’m sure you feel the same way. Camping is one of the most relaxing ways to spend free time, and it’s a great way to get away from stress. There isn’t a better place to spend quality time with family and friends than the great outdoors. While it’s easy to go camping for a weekend and forget all of your problems, this article will detail a few ways to avoid creating new problems for yourself involving weather safety. This summer we’ve seen our fair share of nasty weather, from the wildfires out west, hurricanes out east, storms in the Smoky Mountains, and unbearable heat all over the nation. Continue reading

Quick Takes

National Parks Week Is This Week – April 20-28, 2013


national-park-service-logoThis week is National Parks Week in the U.S., and at CampingBlogger, we’re going to celebrate with a series of posts focusing on the parks, with stats, information and more about the great U.S. parks system.

One big feature of National Parks Week is free admission from April 22 to April 26. Continue reading

Scientific Research Shows Best Way to Pack a Pop-Up Tent


Finally, some research dollars are being directed towards solving man’s great problems. In a great follow up to yesterday’s post on the types of tents, mathematicians have solved the problem of how to best control overcurvature, which is apparently the technical term for the shapes that gives a pop up tent its structure.

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Free Camping in Ohio State Parks


To promote camping at state parks, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is offering free camping in almost all state parks this Thursday, April 18th. While you can walk-in and claim a site, you will probably want to reserve a camp site, which you can do at the Ohio DNR website, or calling the reservation line at 1-866-644-6727 just in case. Continue reading

Once-famous Yellowstone trail no longer maintained


Once-famous Yellowstone trail no longer maintained

Scattered markers refer to the Howard Eaton Trail, but it is no longer maintained. A log-framed sign erected when the trail was dedicated on July 19, 1923, with a photo of Eaton on his favorite mount, Danger, and information about his ties to the park, was eventually removed and not replaced.
The Billings Gazette